HikeMeUp app has discount coupon codes!!

This is my new favourite app right now. And that’s saying a lot, seeing that the only constant app I use is Chrome.

HikeMeUp pays you cash for simply looking at advertisements. Look at them long enough and you get to earn 50 Hike points. 1 point = $0.001. So looking at 20 ads gives you 1 Singapore Dollar.

For those of you who has never been involved in marketing or advertising, and are wondering why they would do this, it’s a simple logic of making sure an advertisement has enough time to register in your brain before you skip past it or dismiss it. For advertisers, this would actually be worth more than a pricey ad on traditional or social media.

For your future business, they give you a very tiny cut, but a cut nonetheless. Definitely more than the random posters I see at busstops.

You get a limit of getting 500 points a day so you don’t get to just wipe out their ad budget in a week. But I feel it’s well worth the effort. Simply accumulate your points and cash out via your PayPal account when you feel ready.

Apart from that, some advertisers offer an exclusive HikeMeUp coupon codes and discounts, like the following:

  • Yoga studio GuavaPass has coupon code for a discounted monthly subscription of $99/month (UP $149/month)
  • Natural skincare brand, Alexiares & Ani has a coupon code for 10% off their products
  • ClimbMax adventure course at Sentosa has a coupon which gives you 10% off
  • MegaZip and ParaJump, also at Sentosa, is offering a $5 discount when you use their code while booking online

Be sure to check out the app in your Ad Store or Google Play Store to find out more and download the app!

Happy earning!

The Curious Passenger

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