“Alright. Settle down. It’s just a blog.”About Header

This blog is not perfect, and neither is the girl writing it. (Hint: Me.) But it’s here to remind us, me most of all, that that’s what life is. But we’ll seize it with both hands, turn it upside down and shake it till its pockets empty out anyway.

All opinions expressed are my own. And though I’ll try to make it sound grown up, don’t worry, it’ll get silly really fast.

Typography is a passion of mine. So is picking up and dropping hobbies like a hot rock. So do check out what’s growing from the mess of my work desk in ‘Projects’ every once in a while.

The ‘Deals’ (coming soon) are just a shameless marketing tactic to get you scroungers to come visit my site. I’ve collated some pretty sweet deals to draw you in so you can just skip the niceties and go there now.

Have fun and smile, and I hope what you read here today has satisfied at least an inch of your curiousity about something and anything.

If you’d like to ask me something or suggest something for me to look into, get in touch.

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