HikeMeUp app has discount coupon codes!!

This is my new favourite app right now. And that’s saying a lot, seeing that the only constant app I use is Chrome.

HikeMeUp pays you cash for simply looking at advertisements. Look at them long enough and you get to earn 50 Hike points. 1 point = $0.001. So looking at 20 ads gives you 1 Singapore Dollar. Continue reading

7 Tips for Making Orh Nee (Teochew Yam Paste)

It started with a Cheng Teng.

My colleague had made some delicious Cheng Teng the night before and brought some for all of us the next day. I shared a photo with my family of the healthy snack and next thing I knew, my mum was craving for Orh Nee.

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Letterpress Workshop by TypesettingSG

A few weeks before, after receiving an email invitation from Marina Bay Sands, my friend invited me in turn for a typesetting workshop at the Art Science Museum. Anything that has the word ‘Type’ in it I couldn’t say no to. So this is how it went.

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